Work sample #1:


Other Peeps is an experimental narrative series that I have been creating for the past seven years. I serve as director, editor, lead animator, web designer, and I also perform in the piece as a sort of cartoon version of my shadow self. The website serves as a virtual installation space for the narrative, which centers around a haunted house where anything can happen.


Here’s a quick video tour of the site. 


Upon completion it will be a 5-part series: parts 1-3 were made in Brooklyn with our community of collaborators here. 


Here’s a very intense gif of clips from that portion of the project.


Part 4 was created while traveling the country for three months in a 30 year old RV.  It is being released this winter.


Here’s a gif of images from that part of the project.


Part 5 was created while in residence at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim, Norway, and will be released later this year. The project is supported in part by a Finishing Funds grant from The Experimental Television Center (RIP) and is fiscally sponsored by NYFA.


Here’s a short sample from Other Peeps Incident 4.

This is part of my character, Cliquot’s, “backstory”, which is told in the style of Jodorowsky and is inspired (in part) by my own background and his work in psychogeneaology. 


Work Sample #2: Dying in America


I am currently serving as editor and web designer on a web project and upcoming feature documentary with Carolyn Jones Productions called Dying in America. The goal of the project is to help normalize conversations around end of life planning so that we can make better informed choices for ourselves and our loved ones.


Here’s a short trailer, which I also edited.


I designed the website as well.


Here’s a quick video tour of the site.


One of my favorite pieces from the project is this one, from midwife turned hospice nurse, Gretchen Brauer Rieke


Work Sample #3: Performative Installation Series


This is a series of three installation pieces I created in collaboration with John Pizza and other artists centered around place and its effect on culture.


“Urban Nervous” was a three story crawl through haunted house of urban anxieties, created in conjunction with ten other art makers here in Brooklyn at Fountain Studios. The second, “Burbzarre”, was a piece created in conjunction with a theatre class at Enloe High School in Raleigh, North Carolina and was performed at Visual Art Exchange, also in Raleigh. The third, “Rural Fury” was created while in residence at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska.


This is a quick mashup of the three pieces to give you a sense of their scope.